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BLACK HISTORY MONTH family event: “BBCONTES: A Bilingual West African Folktale and Storytelling Workshop for Children”

BBCONTES was created to introduce families and children in the Tri-State areas to West African folk tales and literature, promote diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism through storytelling and literary art, and to promote cohesion between the West African and American communities. The program also promotes the French language which is the official language spoken in Burkina Faso.

The workshop includes the following activities:
Storytelling: Children will gather in a circle to hear two folktales.  Singing: Attendees will be introduced to two of Burkina Faso’s nursery rhymes and sang along with the hosts. Dancing: In addition to learning new West African music, guests will observe two traditional dances from Burkina Faso. Warba, accompanied by drums known as tam tam and Denke Denke, a very popular style of dancing among the Fulani people. Practice of French through Q&A session on folktales: At the end of each tale a moral is provided with the hosts asking children questions about the stories they heard. Kids are encouraged to come to the front of the room, share feedback and sing songs in both  French and English. Gifts: Special gifts (West African design bookmarks) and presents are distributed to all children in attendance. Informal networking for parents and snacks for children: Snack time is special as kids talk to each other and share knowledge while practicing their language skills.


February 11 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Cost: $Free